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Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Welcome to Motorcycle Cargo Trailers online resource website – Your source for information suppliers for all kinds of motorcycle cargo trailers, including hitches and custom trailers. With such

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a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, a quality cargo trailer will get you ready to hit the road fully accessorized!

Riders today are taking longer road trips, like overnighters…

Others are taking a bite out of the recession by riding their motorcycle to work…

Each of these riders could benefit from the use of a quality, spacious, streamlined motorcycle cargo trailers – a cargo trailer can allow you to enjoy the freedom of the road while still being able to take along those extra things you may need.

Some trailers, like those offered by Magneta can be custom painted to match your motorcycle – from the lightweight UMBT 1 with a carrying capacity of 100lbs or the large 1200lb capacity of the UCT 1.

These are just a couple of examples of the variety of cargo trailers available for your motorcycle from simple to state-of-the-art!

Finding the right trailer for you is a matter of a few things – your budget and if you’re limited by funds then your construction ability. Basically, motorcycle cargo trailers are made up of a simple configuration of an axle, wheels, frame, tongue, and the cargo space. Depending on your cargo you may decide to enclose your trailer too.

A trailer added to your motorcycle is a traveling solution that will give you plenty of extra room for just about any occasion from clothing to gifts. Unlike saddle bags or the small storage compartment found on many of today’s motorcycles, a cargo trailer gives you options and benefits that were previously unavailable for riders.

Streamlined motorcycle cargo trailers are designed to ride behind your bike (in the draft space – saving you on gas), some even come with an independent suspension to give you a smoother ride. They’re typically carpeted on the inside to protect its contents and equipped with brake signal lights. Another added feature is the fact that you can securely store your items overnight when staying at a motel or while you’re out sightseeing.

You’re no longer bound to just the clothes on your back – free yourself with one of the many motorcycle cargo trailers that are available today!

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